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By William Holden

Cabrera is a smaller, oceanfront, rural community perched on soaring sea cliffs hugging the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. It is located between Rio San Juan and Nagua in the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez. Although not traditionally considered a popular tourist destination, Cabrera nevertheless boasts many of the most magnificent luxury vacation villas and sweeping ocean vistas in the Dominican Republic. Once you arrive in Cabrera, you immediately sense the serenity, charm and laid-back atmosphere combined with the exceptionally friendly locals happy to welcome you to their community and the unique topography of the area; it’s this exclusive combination that makes Cabrera truly unique.

The city proper of Cabrera generally has about 6,000 people while the entire municipality boasts 25,000 at last census. And woven seamlessly within are growing ex-pat residential communities from Canada, France, United States, Western Europe, and South Korea, all combining to make a warm, friendly, unspoiled community. You will not find any all-inclusive resorts in Cabrera or beaches overcrowded with tourists. Cabrera’s charming and pristine character has been sustained through strong community relations between the locals and ex-pats, all of who call this place ‘home’ and are very proud to do so.

Foreign investment in Cabrera comes not from the tourists but mostly from those ex-pats who are living within the community itself as residents. The majority of income generated in Cabrera comes from local agricultural efforts while the ex-pat and tourist businesses contribute significantly as well. Indeed, one of the largest consistent contributors to local income are the luxury vacation villas scattered throughout the area with a heavier concentration in the gated, beachfront community of Orchid Bay Estates.

EXCLUSIVE GATED COMMUNITIES - There are exclusive gated communities surrounding the Cabrera area. Some are ocean-front, and some are not. Below are some of these exclusive gated communities. (Click on each heading below for More Info)

Orchid Bay Estates - Orchid Bay Estates, the site of some of the most magnificent luxury villas in the Caribbean, is a smallish yet prestigious, gated community discretely located off the beaten path on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It is part of the charming, rural oceanfront village of Cabrera which is situated on an unspoiled, pristine portion of the north coast. Orchid Bay Estates boasts three beautiful beaches, each an easy walk from any of the properties in the community. The longest beach, Playa Caleton Grande, is speckled with coconut palms and is a local favorite. Playa Caleton Pequeña is a scant 600’ long with direct access from only three properties making it virtually private. Between these two is Playa Tecera Luna, a cove shaped beach, accessible from one huge property and is totally private.

Seatree Estates - Seatree Estates is an exclusive residential seaside community near Playa Grande Club & Reserve which is situated between Rio San Juan and Cabrera on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It is nestled between emerald-green rolling hills of royal palms to the south and the turquoise-blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Seatree is within minutes of the Playa Grande Club & Reserve, which is touted as the “Pebble Beach of the Caribbean”. This magnificent course over looks Playa Grande, the most exotic beach on the north coast. What was once a sixty acre sprawling cattle ranch canopied with stands of royal palms now contains some of the most exotic real estate available for sale on the north coast. Seatree Estates consists of nine estate size seafront properties crowning its shoreline. Each parcel is configured to provide its owner with privacy and exclusivity within lush surroundings. Each parcel is an individual gem, some on its own peninsula, some with private sea access and still others with elaborately designed sandy beaches and natural caverns and grottos.

La Catalina Abajo - This residential community is truly unique and in a class by itself. It is situated just west of Cabrera and is tucked away in a delightful little bay with tremendous panoramic ocean views. In total, there are six constructed villas, with only one building site available. The community is too small to have it's own web page, but our featured properties can be viewed in the link below.

Featured Properties for Sale in the Cabrera Area

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